I’m a big fan of Doxygen. I use it all the time to generate and analyze call trees. Recently, I wanted to use it in my MacbookPro for analyzing an open source project. There is a binary for SnowLeopard here that works in Lion too, but it was throwing lots of errors regarding Graphviz. Here are two things that I had to do to make it finally work:

  • For some reason, long file names do not work in OSX. By default, Doxygen uses long names. So you need to set the SHORT_NAMES to YES in your doxygen file. If you are using the Wizard (GUI), then save your settings file (File->Save), and then manually edit the file in a text editor. 

  • GraphViz is included in the dmg file. You need to set appropriate path to the dot file for graphviz to work. Try setting it to /Applications/Doxygen.app/Contents/Resources. If that fails, then use macports to install graphviz, and use that path.